argh! i told you i told you i told you! >.<

of course
i couldn't just click click the pages and be happy. of course i couldn't merely bookmark the pages. of course i had to share them so here's a flood of links to satisfy my own quirky self for the time being. in the words of mr vee... "everything you also want. no hope liao." >.<

i wanted a visual tracker like HitMaps but they're not offering new accounts anymore. so i googled.. and googled.. and came across Visitorville ~ if only it was free...

and advancing to something a tad more geeky (although i prefer the term nerdette), here's a keyboard that allows you to place the keys exactly where you want them to be.

proceed to nerdette, maximum setting, and you'll stumble across these giant microbes with me. i had quite a few of them to start out with but over the years, i've been a naughty li'l girl and given away such bugs like the flu, the common cold, the stomachache that i've previously mentioned.. and even such maladies like mono, the kissing disease! i've still got my ulcer tho... *snuggle*

and for rainy days... grab your luminescent raincoat ~ it's got electroluminescent patches that light up in response to raindrops falling on the coat itself. *gasp* i wish they showed a demo with the drops falling on the coat... all they've got is a pic of the coat itself with sketches. cool sketches, but just sketches nonetheless. the inventor of this contraption's got plenty more up his/her sleeve with a funky webby timeline design to boot. (i'm confuzzled yet again. elise is a feminine name, yet the pic of "elise co" looks decidedly male.. am i missing something here?)

more electronic garb ~ are you ready for a wearable hug? ooooo, it's enticing ~ i'd choose this over the raincoat any day!

and as an aside... have any of you cried while eating? or have you ever wondered what it'd look like? i stumbled on this site thru the rbj forums and sat there for the the first few moments alternating between "wth?!" and "bwahahahaa" and o.0

and speaking of eating... have any of you tried eating out of a toilet bowl? *grin* yes.. that's my hometown. *beams for kaohsiung* might pay the place a visit when i go back this x'mas if it's still open ~ remind me to bring my camera!

*crawls back to the books*

ooo! i almost forgot! guess what, guess what?? i finally finished my critical review of clinical practice guidelines paper!! *throws the confetti*

~ now i can hit the books proper *beams*

well... after i oogle at this photoshopped car. please tell me it isn't =(

as far as i know from the image name, it's a porche cayenne. a squished up version, not a mini like it says because the mini-cayenne is a golf cart. literally. it says gt 600 on the side but that is a gemballa gt600... so what is this i see then?

thank you dkxeon for sending over the pic >.<

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