pulling a marge

when you run your fingers through your hair, end up without your ring and then proceed to spend at least half a minute trying to find the ring somewhere in your crowning glory... it might be a subtle reminder that a haircut is due.

i didn't believe it at first so i sat there and tousled my hair. no ring anywhere. so i stood up and tousled. nothing dropped on the floor. so i then i started getting worried and i squatted on the floor, flopped my hair over my head and stared at my toes as i flicked strand after strand of hair to find my ring... i felt it a couple of times but couldn't find it. finally fished it out a while later.

for those of you who complain that you have too little hair, that your hair's too fine, that you're going bald... well, here's a perfect moment to gloat and feel good about not having a thick mane.


RequiemDK said...

How did the ring come off like that in the first place? o_0

Is there any chance you could find money in that mane of yours? That'd be a really useful ability... Heh heh

shu said...

but more hair's always better than no hair (or not much) for that matter. but good thing you found it back :)

æmii ~ said...

it was too loose on my pinky.. sux to have tiny hands. can't find decent rings that fit! >.< i've lost so many rings just like that.. i don't realize when and where they dropped off ~ bleah.

lol mmm but if you had no hair, think of all the grooming time you'd save. and money spent on products... my dad's heading in that direction. mom's been trying to get him to shave it all off lol ~