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thank you dear faculty, for the great example of responsibility you have shown us. thank you for showing respect for our property, just as you've tried to instill the sense of respect for patients and feelings in us for the past 4 years i've been under your wing. thank you for implementing changes in the middle of a course so that certain subjects only exist for one year and never again. thank you. you'll be sure that i'll proudly proclaim you're my alma mater when i graduate.

i need to vent..

i guess this ultimately boils down to ego but i can also distill it into respect, or lack of.

what happened: we had a health records and info privacy act 2002. faculty put up announcement in march, didn't pay much heed because they never told us there was a last page to sign and return. thank you A for pointing that out, so i went and printed a copy to sign and hand in.

passed A's signed copy to mel, forgot to bring mine so i trudged back the next morning to hand it in. i've got the last accessed date on the document showing March 21, 2005. it would've been dated March 21, and handed in 2 days after. they had about 2 or 3 announcements..


A large number of students in all years of the program have not signed and returned the Health Records & Information Privacy Act 2002 Student Undertaking. All current students are required by law to read a brief summary of the legislation and to sign an undertaking that they will comply with it. The Faculty will over the next week check which students have and have not returned the undertaking. Students who as at 5.00 pm on 16 May 2005 are identified as having not returned the signed undertaking will be contacted via email and instructed to cease all clinical work.

i happily ignore. until yesterday. i got that friggin email. so i emailed back telling them i handed it in sometime in march. my reply goes as such...

Please fax another copy as I have not received the first - may have
gone astray in the mail.

here's the venting bit:
initial reaction ~ ok, i'll go prin... hey wait a sec!! how come i'm now "identified" as one of those who can't follow directions and blacklisted by the faculty because they made a mistake?!

(this is when indignation started building up.)

i go absolutely angry mad if i'm placed in a situation i didn't intend to be at. mebbe it's the control freak talking in me, mebbe it's the ego. it's not like the faculty doesn't know who i am already, after the whole 3rd/4th year incident. now i get to join another group ~ the group that doesn't know how to follow directions and get clinical rights revoked. thanks for telling me after the fact!!

and as a last gripe ~ what's with the may 16th deadline when the Act was dated 2002? as if a few more days would hurt. it's friggin 2005 already, for those who haven't noticed.

off i go in the rain to hand it in. *evil death stare*

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