moms and dads


mommy ~ you can unpack tomorrow, it's not going anywhere ^^

god-moms and auntie-moms ~ i want to thank you for the pampering day in and day out. today's your day to be pampered instead... hope you had a good mothers' day!

pink flower patterned vellum paper
plastic sheet
stock photo from floriade '04
photo paper
pen knife
glue gun
fabric roses
deca-dry dry transfer lettering (where do they sell these in oz?!)

time: 30 mins



the bombing in burma. some sources report 11 people dying, others report 3. whatever the number, it's still a tragedy that further highlights the evil side of human nature. my mom was telling me they usually do their shopping ever saturday around 3pm at City Mart. the bomb went off there around that time. my dad was in burma up until friday when he flew back to taiwan to help with the moving. (parents shifted to their new place today. they're bz unpacking everything now... what a way to spend mothers' day!) shiv ~ this is more like an "i almost died!" moment dear.

didn't really think much about it when my mom told me. she was saying that yangon was the only safe haven in burma all this time because it was the capital and nobody dared mess with the government over there. now, this last sanctuary is pretty much gone with the recent bombings. not one but four of 'em. apparently, they were planted by rebels who were pro-democracy. now, what sounds wrong with that statement... but yah, anyway ~ thought more about it after A called. got me thinking about "what if"s. what if they hadn't decide to move this weekend? what if my dad got caught by the blast? what if my dad got injured? what if he didn't make it? being a tad melodramatic here, but it's still too close to home for comfort.

i know it's mothers' day but my mom gets paid her tribute pretty much all the time, be it happy memories or fits of anger *adjusts halo* hehe. my dad's the quiet one in the shadows. growing up, i was daddy's little girl. he's my human-mobile when i stepped on his feet and let him do the walking, literally. he's the mediator when my mom and i quarreled. he's my staunch supporter in everything i attempt, even if i don't succeed. he's so many things lumped into one to make him "Daddy" to me. sometimes i can't handle the oodles of well-wishes and lash out though. every single time, i feel awful because i know he means well. for that, im sorry daddy ~ we may not have the girly talks like i do with mommy, we may not get to talk a lot because you're away, but i hope that you know that i love you as much as i do mommy. i miss the times when i could crawl into your lap when you guys were watching tv. i'm glad we got some much-needed father-daughter bonding time earlier this year. *hugs* amituofo daddy ~

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