warning ~ rants and rambles up ahead!
i'm delirious from a really satisfying night of good food, laughter and great company.
my jaws hurt from laughing, my tummy aches from the guffaws.
my head hurts from the neuro overstimulation. tis been a while since i've been to a gathering of any sorts, really.. said i wouldn't attend any social functions for this whole semester. i kinda cheated..

i wish this was a regular thing, this thing called a social life. i just can't wait til the semester's over. a lot's actually hanging on how exams go. if i don't pass my 3rd year subject, i get presented to a board to convince them that they should let me continue. if they aren't convinced, i flunk out of med school. would mean i get my visa cancelled. which would mean i have 28 days to leave australia. it's something i try not to think about but well.. to say it's hard would be an understatement. i wonder what they would say if i passed my 4th year subject, but not the 3rd..

*topic switch* yes, i've got flight of ideas. i've also got poor concentration, short term memory loss and is anti-social. the beginnings of a schizophreniform disorder, depression or both methinks.

anyway, an email i received from my friend coupled with the newsflashes reported in the past few days set off a whole host of feelings that can most accurately described as.. well, think of someone who looks constipated. indignation, frustration, "get on with it" are all creating a horrible cacophony of feelings that's piling up because i don't quite know how to express it all coherently.

one thing that's glaring is the atrocious journalism. even an unseasoned journalistic greenhorn like me could pick out the biased nature, incorrect facts, random sprinklings of english words much akin to the phrases accompanying embarrasing counterfeit mickey mouse t-shirts the rellies used to send over. funny. i thought They made people take compulsory linguistics modules. oh wait. that was only for teachers. must be that other professions don't need this kind of enlightenment, especially aspiring journalists.

*light bulb flashes on top of head* *blink* *blink*

here's a thumbnail of my condolence card. don't take it out on the poor professionals who caused the death. it might not have lived like an animal, but it sure died like an angel, immortalized by those snippets of literary masterpieces called articles, published in an asian shrine somewhere in south east asia. i made this card especially for you ~ i hope you'll pick yourself out of the rut soon.

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