let it rest!

i had lots to write
but it's lost its bite
after tapping away
in great disarray

this blogging thing
aint just some fling
it lets me grumble...

ARGHH stop showing me all these articles about jh! i get mad everytime i see one. yes, mebbe i dont have the highest eq in the room. now i can't finish my poem showcasing my *emo* day.
this latest mangling of words article is on TODAYonline, as linked by mrbrown.

*cracks knuckles*

gripe 1: that's one hella one-sided article there. jh's story didn't fully get told. from how the snippets of quotes were strewn across the article attached to "well-known" names, a sense of gross editing and madlibs comes to mind.

gripe 2: no, you're biased! you say. well if it wasn't so biased, mrbrown wouldn't have made the effort to blog about it eh? i leave it up to you to decide..

gripe 3: i guess everyone derives a different lesson from the same incident.
"The rather unusual action against Mr Chen not only underlined the extent to which online journals have blossomed as a medium of expression, but also served as a wake-up call for those who think they can hide behind the anonymity of the World Wide Web."

funny that! jh's blog was linked to his site. it had his resume on it. mebbe i know a different definition of anonymity than the writer...

gripe 4: dearie me.
"I have named and put up pictures of people (for criticism), but that's because I know they won't sue me," she said. "Naming or taking on an organisation would probably be foolhardy." the article quoted wendy of xiaxue fame

for her sake, i hope that comment's been thrown into a blender and reconstructed. is the article insinuating that it's ok to carelessly blog so long as one knows a lawsuit isn't in one's future? is it further trying to educate its audience that it's a no-no to specify organizations, but it's ok to slam friends and enemies.. so long as they're not from a "formal" organization?

gripe 5:
"To be precise: It would be foolhardy if you couldn't back up any of your claims."

the article subsequently concludes. sorry dear, you're not writing an aesop's fable here. and hellooooooo... the blogosphere caught onto the concept of responsible blogging well before the publication of this article. get with the program!

journalism already died. i sent my condolences already last week. the least one could do is respect the dead and let it rest in peace.

*throws hissy fit* (no, no pictures of said hissy fit. i scare enough people already, it seems)

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