i eat my words..

lol. i just said i wouldn't be whinging. hmm... *tilts halo*

fowarded email from course coordinator to fellow colleague in the same boat as me:
You only have to pass the course(s) you are enrolled in, so you only
have to satisfy assessment requirements for the course you are enrolled
in. So,if mandatory ethics sessions are in Professonal Practice [MEDI3015] and you
are not enrolled in that course you do not have to satisfy the attendance requirement.

Please note, however, that this applies ONLY to the mandatory attendance
requirement. It does NOT mean that there cannot be Ethics questions in
Medi3016 written assessment.

i say:
that so doesn't make sense... no ethics lectures scheduled under MEDI3016 timetable, let alone mandatory ones. yet we need to go for ethics lectures AND it can be examinable. did i mention it wasn't in the MEDI3016 timetable? while we're at it, why don't we attend the anatomy labs with the first years? it's not in our timetable, but hey.. mebbe we'll get examined on it..

and while we're at it, why don't we attend physics 101. and japanese for beginners... because you know, it's not in our timetable but we might get examined on it. who knows when it'll come in handy.. you know, when you need to figure out the rate of blood flow or if you ran into a japanese patient who doesn't understand english..


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