i spent days scouring the net for a web host. i knew i was with an awesome web host when i first signed up. i just didn't know how awesome until today when i got this in the mail. they signed it by hand! awwwwww! *melts at the personal touch*

(edit: all gone! gmail invites still available)
sooo... i don't know why i got the thank you card from flexihostings, but now i've got 2 (edit: one poofed already!) 1 free one-year hosting plans to give away. if anyone wants one, drop me an email or leave your contact info/email as a comment. first come, first serve basis! i've got the 2 postcards waiting to be sent out via snail mail ~

while on the subject of giveaways... i've got 50 gmail invites sitting there gathering dust, so for those of you who still want a gmail account, let me know too. i forgot about them heh. 2 free gigs of mailbox sitting waiting!


i had so much to write about. just never got around to it. seems like i've recently been whinging and whining a lot. again. the things i wanted to gripe about fell into that category too and well, i'm sick of my own attitude and wanted to break the cycle. sure, it would've been nice to get things off my chest but instead, i took a step back. i looked at the stuff that was bugging me and suddenly, it seemed really trivial. it's a nice feeling ~ i somehow feel lighter. =)

not sure how good that is for me right now tho. less stressed, not because i'm more confident about exams but because i'm caring less. yes, i would like to graduate from med school but it's not the end of the world if things don't go according to plan. 10 years from now, will i be one of those people juggling kids and on-call duties at the hospital or will i be a stay-at-home mom? will i be in a powersuit, pulling all nighters trying to start up my own business or will i be scribbling away with my tablet to produce graphic illustrations? will i still be in australia or will i have moved yet again.. or will i even be physically here? i don't mean to be morbid but really, nothing is certain. is there a point in worrying about one exam in the grand scheme of things? i may sound like i'm losing my focus but i'd prefer to think of it as letting go. after all, who knows what tomorrow will bring. old friends rediscovered. old friends falling out. friends getting married. friends becoming a mommy. if one had the ability to be omnipotent, if time was available to view in frames a la macromedia flash, what would one see in every corner of the world from people to animals if one picked a random second to watch?

i'll leave you to reflect on the tragedy of this boy and his thoughts. it's a heart-wrenching read... i was gonna ramble on about my own reaction after reading it but not today. i got about a paragraph or two typed out before realizing how morbid it was starting to sound. might save it for another day when the sun's shining a tad too brightly.

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