can you say airhead?

how embarrasing... it still is, after finally getting some sleep...
experienced one of the most air-headed moments in my life last night (as far as i can remember. i think these sorta things get subconsciously filtered from one's memory). my excuse was that it was like 3am in the morning. the mother in me sat there nagging for me to go to sleep. i put her on mute.

if it's not a record somewhere, this was definitely a personal record. mr tofu msged, i thought he was mr f without checking email add that appears when i hover my mouse over the user name. spent 40 mins talking before mr tofu finally had enough and confronted me with:

........... u have no idea who i am do u haaaa

dont worry maybe your just overstressed
sleep a little and u will be more coherrent tomorrow

oh dear. that's when the warning bells in my head screeched mayday.
i'm sooooooo sorry mr tofu!

*crawls back under carpet*

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