Why I Miss the States - Reason #58

this is for you bert.. i figured it was too long to stick in as a comment on your site. sorry ozzie friends.. your aussienization attempts haven't been working too well hehe.

"Well, we have Coke, lemonade and lemon squash. What would you like?"

"OOoo! you have lemonade?! one lemonade please"

*looks puzzled at the fuss about lemonade but writes order down*

*Out comes 7-Up a few mins later*

"um 'cuse me, i asked for lemonade."

"This IS lemonade"

"no, that's 7-Up"

*puzzled look as she sets the drink down* We don't have 7-Up.

??? "um ok, i'll take whatever that is then"

took me about a month trying various ordering phrases to figure out that lemonade meant Sprite here. 7-Up doesn't exist in this country! lemon squash meant... real-lemonade-with-too-much-sugar-colored soda . as for real lemonade, it's non-existent here. even at juice bars *sigh* now, i just order coke. less fuss.


brandon said...

but then, isn't lemon squash what you want?

æmii ~ said...

not quite ~ the lemon squash here still had fizz and not enough lemony zest to be called natural