a series of unfortunate events

first of all, for those who're wondering why i'm not on msn 24/7 anymore.. no, it's not because i've curbed my online time and finally got down to do some studying. something went *kapish* with my computer saturday nite and by sunday morning, it was barely rebooting. windows was on my c: drive. my documents were on my e: drive, other program files were on f: drive. my cd-rom drive was d: drive... by sunday morning, my documents were now found on c: and program files found on d: ....windows was nowhere to be found. apparently, the partition was still there but only 1mb of it was used up. somehow, i don't think windows takes up 1mb. my comp's been dropped off at the local doctor's (aka tri benedict's @ the junction) for a short stint where they'll hopefully be able to extract whatever files are left on my hard drive, run diagnostics and reformat the thing. now i think twice about telling smokers to quit.. i can so emphatize with their pain now that i've gone cold turkey with no computer for all of the past two days...

so here i am at the JHH library blogging...

and then there's school. that's a pain in general. not because we've paid our school fees to be overworked.. it's the fact that they expect us to show up and do nothing. it's somehow much more tiring to stand around listening to people talk to us (and sometimes, at us) rather than be involved. when there is a chance to get involved and talk to patients, half of them are too ill, too breathless, too irritated, too aggressive, suffer from short term memory loss, confabulate or have people visiting them. it's friggin annoying to ask someone "so, have you been in the hospital before this time for anything at all? any past surgeries? any other illnesses that you have? anything that runs in the family?" and they answer "no, i'm as good as gold, love... " and then you go read their notes and they've had so many co-morbidities you're surprised they're still alive. kinda nullifies all that talking you did with them for the past hour. so much for that empathy we all professed to embody during our initial medical interviews to get into med school...

other than that, there are long cases coming up in less than 2 weeks. arghhhhhhh.. i'm so not ready. the only thing i have down pat with regards to the long case would be probably finishing it within the 1 hour time limit. somehow, i don't think the examiners will be impressed by the feat.

and then there's the continuous daily flow of geriatric patients to see because sadly, these patients are not being seen because i want to. rather, it's because i have to. i have to come up with cases to present every week either for psych tutorials or the official case presentation/talk sessions we have twice a week. or just for ward rounds when dr. p*chooks asks for updates on her patients this week.

oh and don't forget my 3rd year classes. haven't been to a 3rd year lecture in 2 weeks just because it's physically impossible to get from the JHH to MSB in less than 1 min. that is, assuming i wanted to go in the first place.. but that's beside the point!

*sigh* i just need a break *wails*
can't wait til april starts..
it's when the madness ends, sometime near when the clocks get turned and i gain an extra hour.. of SLEEP ^.^

got a mini break by cookin up a vat of green bean soup and another of egg flower soup over the weekend tho.. *slurp*
and *waves hi to Shoooo* lol, i had the mental picture of a closetful of papers falling on top of you as you dug out my last email just so you could reply ^.^

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sy said...

u poor thing!! lots of luck for your comp & school work!