eBay's evil..
i was browsing around and *bam* .. there it was. at first, it seemed kooky. the more i stared, the more i liked it for the kookiness..

it's ebay item 4362292867

sad isn't it..
msn's acting up, i can't send msgs to anyone on my contact list cuz it keeps bouncing back. what do i do? instead of plowing through my stack of ecgs i meant to read tonite, i'm sitting here blogging in the hopes that someone will be online to validate my unnecessary want for that light box that could double as my night lite.. argh!

A and N would be smacking their foreheads right now if they're reading this... and mine too i guess. i know, i need to curb my online window shopping :(


J*me said...

trust me. It is all valid, this online window shopping of yours. of course it would be so much cooler if you would actually go and bid and get it. :) party in aemii's room! whoohoo! i'll bring some punch. :D tell me when you get it.

æmii ~ said...

awww.. i didnt end up getting it. that thing's HOOOOOOOOOGE o.0

i saw the dimensions.. saw the 16in. and thought.. not too bad. a bit over a foot's not that big. and then i saw the 24in after that and realized this monstrosity would measure 2ft x 1-odd foot x half a foot deep. umm.. no thanks liao :D