eew, no. couldn't resist. kinda sucks that associations are now a tad skewed, thanks to medicine.

friends complain of a headache and i find myself automatically asking them how long for, how severe is it, can they describe the pain, what were they doing when the pain came on... *piak head* or what about when i was puking last year from food poisoning @ gosford. instead of being sprawled in bed feeling sick and miserable as one might expect from someone with an unhappy stomach, my brain made me go thru the mechanism of vomitting..i was tracing the diagram from physiology lectures back in first year thru my head as i went through the different steps (sharp deep inspiration, increased intra-abdo pressure, contraction of abdo mm, blahblahblah)
that ultimately had me running down the corridor to the nearest bathroom. made it to the sink but not the toilet bowl. eew.. too much info.

anywaaaay.. the point of posting was to say that everything's put on hold til april fools' day. means no more posts. blame my long case. it's at 9.30am this coming wednesday.. it's now officially less than a week to them and yet, i'm still off with the fairies. been downloading songs, learning the chinese lyrics with a live translator hehe (hey, i can sing lin yi chen's "gu dan bei ban chio" off by heart now...but i still can't coherently tell you all about asthma *sigh*), cooking up spaghetti & ma puo dou fu rice, devouring boxes of cookies.. anything but look at the opened books in front of me.


sy said...

Good luck for ur long!

Anson said...

Aaw, good luck on your project! I could tell you a little about asthma, since I have it.. lol.

æmii ~ said...

Oooo.. thank you for the luck ~ i'm gonna need all i can get! awww asthma straight from the horse's mouth would be awesome ~ you could tell me if you're using any puffers or not.. and if they help :)