happy post!

i was looking at the title of all my posts since about november and realized that they were all negative. bah humbug! thought i might change the tone a bit and make a happy post instead. therein lies the problem...

how does one be happy when one needs to trek up to rankin park everyday?! what an apt name for the place. rankin park. try saying that ocker style.. or with a texan drawl. don't forget to twist your jaw around for added effect! raaaaankin parrk. despite what i've just said, the patients there are real sweeties. individual personalities shine through loud and clear over there.. patients and staff alike.

typical ward rounds go like this:

doc: hi mr t, how are you today?
mr t: awww been well
doc: i heard you've been naughty! tsk tsk..
mr t: well i supposed you want to paddle my bottom then?
doc: oh! i didn't know you liked it like that! (oh dear..)
the rest of us do the mexican wave with our eyebrows as we stood in a row behind the doc...

interesting, to say the least.
i'm enjoying the lull in my timetable for these 2 weeks because from what i hear, we're getting the devil himself when we switch wards in the middle of rotation. he who likes to know your name not to be nice and pleasant, but to be able to single you out to answer his questions. he who doesn't like to talk in complete sentences. he who demands you attend four ward rounds per week vs the one we're doing right now. he who dislikes norweigians purely because of their accent when they speak english. he who is patch adam's evil twin. he who... *snip*

and now, for other happy news..
  • first day back at the gym after a week+ lull!
  • first time i have a morning off!! woohooo ~
  • wonderful weather.. all 32°C of it... and i get to spend it in airconditioning, muahaha
  • first time i've gotten the chance to do laundry in the last 2 weeks ~ (yes i'm a slob. thought you already knew..)
  • only two.. TWO mozzie bites all summer! without using any repellant! i think that's a drastic improvement from the seasonal average of 20 or 30, don'tcha think?
  • computer is still working beeeaaauutifully!
  • first time all year that i know what my schedule will be like after the coming weekend so i can actually plan out my life.
  • getting back on track with study grouping, starting tonite
  • getting back into the swing of doing physical exams
  • managed to stay on study schedule for all of one day during the weekend.. despite having to reformat the comp!
  • stocked up on so much nibblies and dry foods that i could weather a nuclear fallout if my place was a bomb shelter.. yuummmy chocolates
  • get to wear normal clothes with flip flops to the hospital.. tis only been the 2nd time all year to be able to go casual ~ die pumps dieeeee!

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