happy days scare me..

my pet elephant.. well i guess i shouldnt keep calling her that. she does have a name. R came down to apologize for stomping around upstairs... awwwwwww! i couldnt stand the stomping and finally called up to tell her as well as i could w/o sounding nasty. she was so nice about it and apologized, so she got me apologizing for making her apologize... and i thought that would be the end of that. turns out she paid me a visit @ my room.. im assuming the knocking on the door this arvo that i didn't answer cuz i was on the phone would be her. she was all like she felt guilty so she wanted to apologize in person and gave me full permission to tell her to shut up if she ever did it again. turns out she was making her bed this morning, hence the ruckus.

that being said, it didn't mean that my ceiling has stopped vibrating, nor has the boom boom boom-ing (think of the drums/bass in any pop song..) ceased. at least she's aware of it and she means well to be more aware of her footfalls... guess it's the thought that counts. the kimochi. awwww... *cranks up the airconditioner to drown out the booming*

i felt so bad about her feeling so bad.. luckily i had whatever's left of my 2nd year past papers/notes lying around. resp and endo were the only 2 i got back. (yes i bear grudges... long ones at that. i may forget the nerve that innervates the pinky but i don't forget insults.. man, i hate living up to predictions. it's such a taurian thing..) anywayyy.. i passed them onto R. hope it helps her

3 happy days in a row..

like i said, they scare me. without sadness, there's no happiness. like what the angel of death told piper on charmed today.. you need death so people have something worth living for, so that they'll value life. (omg, to think that i'm quoting charmed to back up my theories.. *sigh* just because i like it doesn't mean i base my values on it!) it's all about balance. yin and yang (whatever that may entail), day and night. right and wrong. ups and downs. each exists as a reference point, a benchmark of sorts, for the other. sooooo... in the cycle of emotions.. if i'm going thru the happy ones, i guess there'll be mediocre and icky days in store soon. on the other hand tho, i did just get out a rut of sorts so mebbe this is just the happiness that was meant to follow. *shrug* i'd like to think so yet i'm a wuss when it comes to pain, so i'd rather let myself prepare for the worst. c'mon storm clouds, i'm waiting for your thunder and lightning ~ meanwhile, i'll just continue dancing with the faeries

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