grand opening ~


my cafepress store *beams*



well.. why are you still here?
get your butt over to the store!!

set it up on a whim.. thought mebbe i could get the s03e brain cells back into press if anyone was interested...
for all the s03e peeps, lemme know what kinda stuff you want your brain cells on and i'll put it up. alternatively, i could start up a cafepress store for s03e peeps and email around the login info and password so we can all order what we want, when we want..


sy said...

Those were/are still real nice! *wave of nostalgia*
U gonna market em worldwide?
What abt the names at the bottom of those brain cells? customizable??
Woo... surely s03e'99's 1st entrepreuener!!

æmii ~ said...

hee, i doubt i can. boonie gave me a card with a brain cell on it so i think that they're already copyrighted to a certain extent without the embellishments i gave everyone. :(

But!! well, my t-shirt's starting to peel and crack so i was thinking of getting another one done :D and voila! cafepress.

the names are on the same jpeg file as the cells but it'd be no problem changing the text. just gotta upload another pic of the cell + alt text in lieu of the one already uploaded.

you think anyone else would want their brain cells in print again?

sy said...

Eh quite a number? Esp. when more of us start working! My class tee hasnt seen daylight for years cos the graphics are also cracking up! Don 't dare to wear/wash it anymore...

She said...

me!! me!! me!!! i want a brain cell! (yes it's more true than it sounds...)

my gosh this is cool ames!!

btw i gave you a card with a brain cell? *laugh* daymn, now i'm quite paiseh that i dont remember!! and you're so sweet to remember!! teeheehee

*sheepishly skulks away*

by the way, i dont know what the 'original' copyright brain cell looks like but i think if you've made yours look original and clearly diff from the other duda's cell, it should be fine. your brain cells have personalities anyway right?