the first 48 hours

my much anticipated sigh of relief and jubilation at the close of 4th year for the semester didn't arrive after finishing my long cases yesterday...

not that the long case itself was hard. i had no qualms about that part. aside from spending about 20 mins finding my patient (he conviniently decided he needed a walk - and justifiably so with his DVT/PE!) and then spending another 5 listening to him gabber in Romansh i think waiting for him to get off his cell. (A ~ this is as much for you as it is for me: Acoording to the Swiss Embassy,
there are four national languages in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh. In principle, all four languages have equal rights. It didn't sound like the first 3, so it probably's the 4th..), the history taking and examination went fine.

:: oops, got sidetracked. i went on to talk about the patient.. that's in another post for those who're interested ::

anyway, it was the presentation bit that i was squeamish about. i don't know if i passed or not. me... being the chicken that i am, didn't ask them either. i mean really... what do i do? ask the examiners.. "so, did i pass?" and have them flatly say "no."... and then what? say thank you to them for examining me? or have my heart sink and walk out in a daze? not that i'm in a better state by not knowing, mind you! but relatively speaking, this is a better state to be in where there's a glimmer of hope that i might've passed. i went around canvassing for opinions...it's not exactly a randomized controlled trial but outta the people i've asked, 6 said don't be stupid..you passed. 2 were like uhh...that's weird.. i dunno. 1 was like why didn't you ask?! technically, it doesn't matter. it all depends on the writtens in june. they only look at how you did over the semester if you're a borderline case for the writtens and with my track record, they're gonna look lol. i hope not, i hope i break the trend but there's still a very possible possibility.. anyway, there's the 48hour task to do. i'm slogging away at that now.. gawd it's a pain!! i can't quite get rid of an awful phrase M used in first year to describe all domain 2 assignments...about how doing one was worse than being constipated. it's slow and painful and a friggin pain in the butt.

after i hand it in on friday, 4th year will officially be over for the semester, sans writtens ~

i celebrated early without the post-exam euphoria last nite by going out to dinner with nuls, abs and the rest. haven't seen them in forever cuz they've been doing pediatrics so it was good to catch up. forgot what that was like.. the last time i went out out for anything was dinner close to 2 months ago. sad eh... spent the rest of the nite watching episodes of scrubs i got off the network lol.

back to the constipa...oops, 48hr task i mean.

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liwen said...

oh my god, i just read your medramblings and i am so glad i'm not a medical student!!!

i'm SURE you did well with the swiss duda, dearie!!!!