and another one gets hitched..

AWWwwwwwww! i can't stop gushing.. it's so cute!! ka·wa·ii des ga!
no, it's not melon bun and the boy. it's another J & J couple and even tho it's got nothing to do with me, i've been gushing for the past few hours since i found out they're together hee ~
i think it's the maternal instincts kicking in a tad too early. i feel like some proud parent at their son's wedding... *sigh*
He is an old colleague of mine dating back to first year med and She is our junior in 2nd year med who also turns out to my my direct junior both @ RGS and RJC. AWwww...!! They're sucha cute couple and like T said, it's really .. (sigh i wish i had a bigger vocab so i don't have to keep saying AWwwwwww!) AWwwwww!-ish to see J have someone by his side after all these years ^.^

i kinda picked up that there was somethin' more to the friendship when we were sittin there talking tonite.. J was pickin off the flower from J's hair. and then there were the elbow nudging and the other little signs *grin* AWWWWwwwww! i feel like some mad idiot sitting here in my room just grinning to myself.. but they're so sweeeet! it's the perfect picker-upper to end a very tiring day. these things never fail to do that for me ^.^ now i'll be starting the weekend with all smiles

i didn't know what to expect going to the housewarming but all in all, i'd hafta say i enjoyed myself ~
in the short while i was there, i managed to meet J and a few other med juniors, some of their friends, some of YH's friends, run into M, organize tomorrow's study group with L, point out my bara neighbor, make a fool of myself for thinking that one of the girls from Iowa had a German/Euro accent and telling her that.. and forgetting her name 5 secs after she told me and i repeated it, catch up with J, YH and with T all the way back to bara...i'd say that wasn't bad eh? thank you to YH for the invite.. and for making me turn red lol

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