i'll entertain the occasion, being valentines' day, with one gripe.. one gripe and i'll shush.

what is it with guys and this "everlasting love" they like to profess. the same love that causes them so much heartache that it brings tears to their eyes.. or so they claim. they tell you they can't live without you. they tell you they can't eat, nor can they concentrate on anything. they tell you life is meaningless without you. some even ask if you realize who you're dealing with, why the hell aren't you interested? yet..

*one week later*

you see them attached.. quite physically sometimes.. to a girl as they walk down the street. sometimes, she is literally the girl next door.
...or you see their friendster status change to married.

and yet you ask me why i'm still single... i just gave you reason #56.


sy said...

Happy V-day! Aiyo.. don't get so pissed, I give you a few gmail invites???

æmii ~ said...

hehe happy belated vdae sy ^^
i wasn't in a pissy mood.. just being anti-boys in general lol. being asked "so, any hot dates?" and "how many ppl asked you out?" by every other person aint exactly my cup of tea, even if they meant well *.*

sy said...

sheesh... in final yr back here, everyone's got a date with the books, so noone asks... Yeh.. its so convenient now that i can post comments w/o registering...

em said...

AMY!!!! how funny is it that we are still single?? hahahahaha. i should be coming to aussieland within the next year. a good friend of mine is going to work in sydney for a year. i will write you both an email shortly to introduce each other.

æmii ~ said...

oooooh em!
can't wait til you come visit... we'll revel in all our singlehoodness hehe ^^