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The Poseidon Undersea Resort at the bahamas... $2000 a night.

brought you back to reality fast eh? *gwins* this is just an artist's rendering of a room at the resort. one where you can control the outside environment by turning on the lights or feeding the fish (gates to release fish food? robotic arm for you to actually drop things in a chute mebbe so it can pick it up and bring it outside your room? *shrug* i like the 2nd idea better)

what to say.. what to say..

first week of overlap started. 3 more to go.. woohoo! mad dashes between jhh, msb, and dmb aren't exactly fun. neither is starting out the first tutorial session of the year with our tutor... and being marked as "absence explained. 4th year blahblahblah at jhh." great. one more thing they can use as evidence of non-attendance should it boil down to whether my attendance passes me or not... but hopefully, i have that covered by arguing that i had to leave for ward rounds. seeing that they chanted "professional skills trump FRSs" ... well hope it won't come to that. i can't believe i'm supposed to know all about diabetes now. for the 2nd time...

totally unrelated, but still sticking to the lines of griping... my computer got reformatted.
finally! after a frustrating day of reformatting, partitioning, installing windows not one, not two, but seven friggin times... (it's nice to realize on hindsight that i had it right the first time and the other 6 were a complete waste of time) i finally have a faster running, slicker looking computer complete with all my pet desktop enhancementsonly thing that's still frustrating me would be my oversight in saving my icons and syringe cursor. now i hafta dig out my stack of old backups to find the file.. bleah. and the other thing bugging me (ok, i lied. there's more than one thing bugging me. sue me.) would be my imported outlook calendar.. or lack of it. everything else imported correctly.. i've got my inbox, my tasks, my journal.. everything's there except the calendar. the one i took hours to fill in just to create a composite timetable for both 4th and 3rd year classes and whatever's left for the rest of my life. arghhh.. oh yeah. that and the 3 worms norton managed to squish right after i was set up with only ms office installed... *groan* freakin' viruses.

and speaking of viruses... here's a personal shoutout to whoever's putting them on the network. packing them as "starwars II blahblahblah.exe" and other nice looking exe files.. tsk.
shame on you!

ok.. and now for something totally unrelated...
the bara dinner! despite the angst, sweat, blood and toil that mostly came from A to organize (thank you!!)... or more like because of it... the dinner was what i'd call pretty successful we had a scrumptious indian feast (thank you J & J!!) followed by some freshly baked mini apple pies and vanilla ice cream, topped by a sprinkling of cinnabon cinnamon. mmmmmm! open water was a fun movie to watch.. you knew it was coming, it was just a matter of how. i was rooting for the sharks. now i get what A means when she first said that heh. ooh, and having K there was probably the best part of the whole dinner. there's something about him mingling in and actually joining us for dinner and chatter that makes you go awwwww! i hope that other people enjoyed the night as much as i did ~



i'll entertain the occasion, being valentines' day, with one gripe.. one gripe and i'll shush.

what is it with guys and this "everlasting love" they like to profess. the same love that causes them so much heartache that it brings tears to their eyes.. or so they claim. they tell you they can't live without you. they tell you they can't eat, nor can they concentrate on anything. they tell you life is meaningless without you. some even ask if you realize who you're dealing with, why the hell aren't you interested? yet..

*one week later*

you see them attached.. quite physically sometimes.. to a girl as they walk down the street. sometimes, she is literally the girl next door.
...or you see their friendster status change to married.

and yet you ask me why i'm still single... i just gave you reason #56.


aches and pains

tis been a week of fourth year now... physically, my stomach creaks and groans from my awful diet (think cookies and cream ice cream for breakfast, cadbury mini easter eggs for dinner.. a coffee or some juice in between... you get the picture), my head hurts from the lack of sleep, my legs hurt from the continuous standing/walking around for ward rounds. at this rate, imma get fugly varicose veins by the end of the month. mentally, i'm exhausted by the sheer amount of information and concentration required for the on-the-spot questions during ward rounds and clinics... and especially to stay awake during lectures. saw one of the ED specialists sleeping while sitting upright during one of the clinical conferences today tho, so that made me feel a lot better somehow heh. i aint the only sleepyhead around!

and then there's the assignments, the patient interviews, the history taking, examinations, the prescribing task, the psych component, long case preparation and of course, the exams... all of that hanging over my head like a stubborn grey cloud.

and then there's this thing called a social life of some sorts.. i've lost the little i had of it to begin with anyway and there's no time to find it anymore. let sleeping dogs lie seem to be the motto this year in more ways than one...

like my current situation of enrolling in both 3rd and 4th year. the faculty has been telling everyone else in the same boat as me that this arrangement wasn't possible. naturally, i become the poster girl as A put it, for everyone else to use as ammo to complain to the faculty with. fun fun.

in a way, im lucky enough to get a "responsible" clinician to take us around with a really helpful intern to boot. others have plenty of spare time to wander around the hospital and do some studying or history taking because their clinician's away or something. at least we get a little discussion at the end of a very tiring day after ward rounds to either summarize/discuss the patients we've seen or to learn about a particular disease/topic that's common in the hospital setting that may very well turn up on our exams.

*stares at the screen*

'cuse the brain-deadness. i've used up my week's quota.. i can't handle too many more synapsing. thank goodness for the weekend. hi kumar & clark! *groans*