i'm so friggin pooped!

wow.... this is fourth year. wow.

we all show up at JHH at 8.30am with this sinking feeling i liken to that feeling you get right before you plunge down on a roller coaster... what a way to start the year.

we sit thru about an hour's worth of introductory talks whilst wondering "and where is this Timetable they keep talking about?" rrriiiggghhtt... it's on blackboard. under 4th year. of course. makes perfect, logical sense. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT THEY FORGOT TO GIVE US ACCESS TO THE FOURTH YEAR COURSES AND THE WHOLE YEAR WAS STILL ENROLLED AS THIRD YEARS.

what a way to start the year.

so they fixed up the slight booboo. aaaah... no wonder you guys didn't know where to go, they mused.

there was nothing on until the 12pm lecture so we went to have a coffee. who should come visit us but the dean of medicine... who also happened to be the head respiratory physician, so it was his job to come tell us how there will be changes to our timetabling and he thinks we should meet with one of our tutors at the outpatient clinics now to discuss it. well! there goes the plan to top up my parking swipe card during the break.

so S and i trudge along to OPD to meet Dr S (who, to his credit, had a marvelous italian accent and was as nice as nice can be!) we hash out the awful stack of papers filled with different headings, times and room numbers that was supposed to pass for our timetable and was told to meet him at the wards at 2am for ward rounds. ok, fair enough... he was nice enough to give us an hour for lunch too.

2pm rolls around after our psych intro lecture.. we go on ward rounds, meet a lotta patients.
3pm rolls around. ooo, we should be done soon.
4pm rolls around. ooo, we should be done soon.
4.30pm rolls around. ooo, we should be done soon. im gonna get varicose veins.
4.45pm rolls around. ooo, we should be done soon. i'm going to faint from hunger.
5pm rolls around. ooo, we should be done soon. he's taking us on our own.. without the interns.
5.05pm rolls around. omg another patient?! and then the orientation he promised?! help me.. anyone.. pleaseee...

and finally, we said goodbye 20 mins later... don't get me wrong, the session was great. but we were also very exhausted. probably not as exhausted as poor Dr S (who didnt seem to have left himself any time for lunch today) but exhausted nontheless.

8.30am tomorrow, here we come! *groans*

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