this is gonna be another one of those "where do i start?so much has happened, so long a time has passed since i last blogged" entries. i'm sitting here in the vip lounge of eva airways at the kaohsiung airport waiting for my 8.25pm flight up to taipei so that i can hop aboard my 10pm-ish flight to sydney.

sitting here means that 3 weeks in taiwan have whizzed by. sitting here means that i'm about to embark on umm.. well i'm not only gonna be taking on 2005 but also a new academic year soon. an academic year that'll bring me some challenges that i don't wanna think about just yet.

ooh yeah, before i forget ~ blogger.com's in chinese on this computer! thank goodness i've blogged before or else i would've been so lost and not known how to do anything on their website lol! [note to self: learn chinese one of these days ] 'cuse the weird font...i don’t know how to change the input into normal english. i think i can technically type in chinese characters...bleah!

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