i'm so friggin pooped!

wow.... this is fourth year. wow.

we all show up at JHH at 8.30am with this sinking feeling i liken to that feeling you get right before you plunge down on a roller coaster... what a way to start the year.

we sit thru about an hour's worth of introductory talks whilst wondering "and where is this Timetable they keep talking about?" rrriiiggghhtt... it's on blackboard. under 4th year. of course. makes perfect, logical sense. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT THEY FORGOT TO GIVE US ACCESS TO THE FOURTH YEAR COURSES AND THE WHOLE YEAR WAS STILL ENROLLED AS THIRD YEARS.

what a way to start the year.

so they fixed up the slight booboo. aaaah... no wonder you guys didn't know where to go, they mused.

there was nothing on until the 12pm lecture so we went to have a coffee. who should come visit us but the dean of medicine... who also happened to be the head respiratory physician, so it was his job to come tell us how there will be changes to our timetabling and he thinks we should meet with one of our tutors at the outpatient clinics now to discuss it. well! there goes the plan to top up my parking swipe card during the break.

so S and i trudge along to OPD to meet Dr S (who, to his credit, had a marvelous italian accent and was as nice as nice can be!) we hash out the awful stack of papers filled with different headings, times and room numbers that was supposed to pass for our timetable and was told to meet him at the wards at 2am for ward rounds. ok, fair enough... he was nice enough to give us an hour for lunch too.

2pm rolls around after our psych intro lecture.. we go on ward rounds, meet a lotta patients.
3pm rolls around. ooo, we should be done soon.
4pm rolls around. ooo, we should be done soon.
4.30pm rolls around. ooo, we should be done soon. im gonna get varicose veins.
4.45pm rolls around. ooo, we should be done soon. i'm going to faint from hunger.
5pm rolls around. ooo, we should be done soon. he's taking us on our own.. without the interns.
5.05pm rolls around. omg another patient?! and then the orientation he promised?! help me.. anyone.. pleaseee...

and finally, we said goodbye 20 mins later... don't get me wrong, the session was great. but we were also very exhausted. probably not as exhausted as poor Dr S (who didnt seem to have left himself any time for lunch today) but exhausted nontheless.

8.30am tomorrow, here we come! *groans*



found this pic flicking thru my baby photo albums in taiwan... i would've been around 18 months or so but man, 20+ years later, i can still relate to my mood back then. it pretty much captures how things have been the last few months of 2004.

things are getting back to normal and i can't believe school starts in less than 2 weeks! GEEZ, where'd the days go? *pouts*

on a diff note, here's a recap of my taiwan trip ~

spent the first week with my cousins and went on all these outings. interesting would be apt.. went to a date farm to go "date picking" but what did we do instead? go there and eat the already-picked fresh dates from the buckets. aiyaiyai! the "grown-ups" missed the whole point!! grr.

^ buckets of dates being loaded up on the truck (top).

«dates bumping along a conveyer belt on their way to be sorted by weight (left).

we also went lotus flower hunting, saw a fire-water natural phenomenon where a pocket of natural gas busted up thru the ground right at the edge of a small pond...cool eh? twas like sittin in front of a furnace!

also went to a zoo, a cultural village and ate lotsa scrumptious food, both healthy and junk. a group of cousins left the last day of 2004 and the other group of cousins left the first day of 2005. a few days of recuperation later, i was off to taipei to see what the hospitals there were like.

the psych ward at McKay's Hospital was surprisingly pretty similar to acute care wards here.. or those that i've seen. the physical ward layout and inner workings were different but the doctor-patient interplay was exactly the same and i was picking up on counselling skills from last year! too bad i couldn't really take a psych history fluently in chinese or have good enough grammar to attempt a counselling session. throughout the whole thing, i kept thinking... argh! if this was only in english, i'd be happily gabbing away by now! or .. nono, don't ask that question! eesh! you should've asked it like this... *sigh* the ER at Wanfang Hospital was amazing! a lot better than the ERs i've seen here in terms of structural organization. learnt quite a bit off the 2 geges (older bros) who saw me grow up while we were all in cali eons ago. both just became specialists recently :)

learnt a bit of qi gong that week in taipei, went to jio hua san to "tsao-san"...which is um.. well you take 3 steps and kowtow, get up, take another 3 steps and kowtow and you keep doing this until you get to where you wanna go instead of just walking there as one would normally would. it's an act of penance or something along those likes.. sorta a pilgrimage thing i guess that nobody does anymore 'cept for the heck of it sometimes lol. also managed to meet L and her E and walked around Shilin Night Market. ran into a melbournian there and he was such a gabberbox! he was very friendly but it got to the the point where we were ready to tape his mouth shut if there was tape on hand... also managed a bit of shopping, gawked and gaped at the Taipei 101. i see-sawed between calling it pretty some nites and saying that it looked like a buncha chinese takeaway boxes stuck on top of each other other nites. mostly days cuz it looks fuglier in the daytime without the help of the multicolored time light choreography at certain floors. i ate my fill of handmade egg rolls, the sweet kind, and dou-hua! and introed L and E to ba-wan... i have no clue how to translate it in english, let alone come up with a description for it. you just gotta eat it to find out for urself how yummy it is *slurp* too bad im vego or else that would've been one of the first things i usually scarf when i arrive :D

spent less than a week packing up and doing some last minute stocking up of things to take back with me to aussieland after taipei. brought over a whole duffle bag full of vego food that customs was nice enough to let thru without even opening my bag! the lady was more impressed with my handwriting apparently. she kept saying HOLY! .... HOLY! and i thought she was shocked at the vegetarian food (soybean, mushroom). no animal/meat fats or oils. i had scribbled on the card thing i had to hand her... so i told her it was just vegetarian food to clarify it and she was like nono, HOLY! that handwriting is so damn small and neat... HOLY! thank you. umm.. would you like to look in the bag? i asked. wha..no dear, you're fine. you can go. O.O whoa.. talk about ez! not that i'm complaining tho lol :)



this is gonna be another one of those "where do i start?so much has happened, so long a time has passed since i last blogged" entries. i'm sitting here in the vip lounge of eva airways at the kaohsiung airport waiting for my 8.25pm flight up to taipei so that i can hop aboard my 10pm-ish flight to sydney.

sitting here means that 3 weeks in taiwan have whizzed by. sitting here means that i'm about to embark on umm.. well i'm not only gonna be taking on 2005 but also a new academic year soon. an academic year that'll bring me some challenges that i don't wanna think about just yet.

ooh yeah, before i forget ~ blogger.com's in chinese on this computer! thank goodness i've blogged before or else i would've been so lost and not known how to do anything on their website lol! [note to self: learn chinese one of these days ] 'cuse the weird font...i don’t know how to change the input into normal english. i think i can technically type in chinese characters...bleah!