not quite d.day

Let me set the scene...

semester 1 and semester 2 subjects are interchangable ~ this past semester, i've been doing MEDI3011 (chronic diseases) and MEDI3012 (subspecialties). the faculty went to revamp the course for next year so now, the 2 subjects i've just done are being changed. now they have MEDI3015 (professional practice) and MEDI3016 (clinical sciences - the meshing of the 2 subjects i just did this semester).

now here's the quandry..
i failed MEDI3011 but passed MEDI3012. means i gotta redo the one i failed... but!! MEDI3011 doesn't exist next year anymore. it's been replaced with the new subject MEDI3016. means i gotta enrol in that new subject. that's all well so far.. until u get to exam. because they've fused the 2 subjects into 1 for next year, it means that the exams will also be a fusion and so i need to sit for that new exam. means that i have to friggin resit for an exam when i've already passed the subject just because the faculty screwed up this year and changed the course back to the old one for next year. now tell me, how is that fair...

was gonna write more but im too tired.. mentally, physically and what the heck, throw in spiritually too. in short, i've decided to enrol next semester in one of the 4th year subjects i was originally gonna do anyway with this 3rd year subject i need to redo. it makes things less hard to accept but it doesnt change the fact that i'll still be one semester behind. it also doesn't change the fact that i'll be at a different graduation ceremony from my circle of gal pals. that is gonna be a bitch, as N put it. also means that the pressure's on to pass because over here, we don't have the 3 -strikes-you're-out rule. they're stingy. it's 2 strikes and you're out. right now, i've used up one strike even tho i've technically passed 3/4 of the friggin 3rd year for cryin out loud. grr.


monday the thirteenth

a whirlwind of a past 2 weeks or so...
  • mei & her cousin came and went ~ gallavanted to the hunter valley and nelson bay, went horse riding thru the bush and sand dunes (that was amazing.. it always is even tho it's usually the same trail. funny how real bad memories are automatically blocked out. like the hordes of flies. think: black bumpy blanket.. )

random nature shots @ the ocean baths and the obelisk
  • finally devoured The Da Vinci Code ~ was a good read, well written and obviously thoroughly researched but it didn't live up to the hype. or maybe the experience was slightly tarnished because of the hype... *shrug* personally, i think that people nowadays aren't exposed to the good books we were exposed to, growing up in the good ole 80s. harry potter's a huge scream nowadays.. yes, it's well written but what's the big deal. judy blume was just as good. roald dahl was in the league above. the chronicles of narnia were just as captivating. and who could forget those choose-your-own-adventure books? witch of blackbird pond. a wrinkle in time. nancy drew and the hardy boys. JRR Tolkein's hobbit series BEFORE the movies came out. (why is it that people seem to like jumping bandwagons? Mrs Squire was reading us a chapter a day at lunch from The Hobbit in friggin fourth grade, yet it wasn't a huge deal back then. it was just a great adventure story until nearly a decade later when the LOTR movies came out and suddenly, everyone had to have a copy of any work of Tolkein be it in vcd, dvd, hard cover or deluxe edition forms) even interstellar pig could easily outshine the kiddie books today. i could rant on and on about the various volumes that deserved the limelight more than the books ranked as "bestsellers" in this day and age but i can't be stuffed.. will just sit back, shake my head and sigh at the poor deprieved youth of this decade.
  • moved rooms ~ upgraded, as someone so nicely put it. scattered remnants still remain scattered in my new room. the room still reeks of "just moved!" ... either that or "just burgled!"
  • packed for taiwan ~ almost there. still doing the annual x'mas/return-home-with-presents-for-everyone thing. it's a pain to do shopping of any sort nowadays. it's chaos everywhere. road rage everywhere. people push, shove and glare more. people suddenly lose tempers and values alike in the middle of traffic jams or when they glimpse an empty parking spot despite 2 other cars signalling for it. a 60 year old man got pummeled to death yesterday afternoon in sydney due to road rage. talk about the holiday spirit, geez. this one seems evil.
  • results out at 2pm ~ got only 4 hours of sleep despite trying to sleep. queasy knots in stomach. feel like puking. thought i'd faint in the shower. can't concentrate on anything. don't feel like doing anything. i even forgot to wish T and A good luck for their exams today! [note to self] gotta remember to do that for their next one. shows how well i think i'll do eh? *sigh*