where did they buy their liscence from?

so true A, so true... this would be the 2nd.. or 3rd moron today displaying their driving prowess. lucky me. i caught them all during my total time or 2 hrs on the road all day. idiot boy with his souped up mitsubishi mirage sped around weaving in and outta traffic. idiot man in his white camry decides to slowly drift towards the sidewalk doing about 40kph. oh and yesterday, this idiot car turns into my lane from a side street from the right as both me and the car behind me were happily zoomin down a knoll... ok.. so i tap my brakes. what does idiot car do?! GRIND TO A FRIGGING STANDSTILL. here's the catch.. idiot car flicks on the left indicator and just sits there waiting for 2 more cars to pass on the left lane so that it can get in there too. bloody nice of you to hold up the entire right lane mister!

anyway, back to the main story...
idiot woman shouldn't get a whole entry to herself but i'll indulge her.. and myself. what the hell is with this driving?!

wasn't like she had a huge gap to squeeeeze her oh-so-small falcon in between the car ahead of me and me. there was a split second when time slowed down and i was staring into her eyes as she sat dumbfounded behind her steering wheel as i shot daggers at her with my eyes. lady, if u wanted insurance, go claim it off someone else. geez.

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