tis been a while since i last was here ~ apologies all around to the dedicated people (who prolly amount to less than 5) who do come back here, be it out of interest or boredom! a crazy 2 weeks or more have passed.. everything seems such a cinch on hindsight ~ how frustrating!

should've done study groups all year
should've read kumar & clarke
should've read up on geriatric medicine
shouldn't have done all these past papers, what a waste of time!
should've started on my notes earlier
should've moved out in our winter break
shouldn't have gone shopping @ ebay
should've spent more time with friends
shouldn't have spent all that time with friends
should've known the answer to that mcq
should've known it was ankylosing spondylosis! ARGHH


ah well, it's come and gone. nothing more i can do but wait to check results on blackboard on dec 13. *cross fingers and hugs a forest* in the meantime, i've been getting a taste of what it's like to bum. odd feeling really... i kinda scared myself a few days ago when i was just sittin here and saw the remote control on my desk. had a mental blank and took me literally a few seconds to figure out what it was and if you were here, you would've seen the lightbulb light up over my head with a *kaching!* as i realized that there was a big black box suspended from the wall in my room and that tvs still exist.

glad im gonna be busy again soon.. had a taste of it on saturday at T's 21st. twas a blast and was nice to be able to have some people skills albeit the alcohol.. or mebbe because of the alcohol

moving to a new dorm room. upgrading, as CK called it M's gonna be arriving soon with her cousin and that'll be a whole week of fun and catchup to look forward to *wheeee* and then i gotta pack for a pre-flight trip to syd with A before zooming off to taiwan. hopefully i can sneak in a trip to sg during the short 3 week stint so i can finaaaalllly see most of the class back there!

ooo getting excited already! and then there's x'mas. oh no, it's not about anything religious ~ god forbid! it's about the after-x'mas sales and the 75% discounts nowadays. it's about giving a better present than last year. it's about getting a better present than last year. it's about the latest goss as all the nosy parkers of the clan gather together to discuss your future and/or husband. have i mentioned that i like the modern x'mas?

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