friggin' telemarketers!!

and to think that i was complainin of nothing to blog about just a few hours ago!

she calls up, does the usual routine about asking if it's ok that the call is monitored yada yada yada and then plunges into her sales pitch of what's the best plan for me. so i listened at first and went that's nice, but no thank you. i'll stick to my current plan.

and then she got argumentative!

she was like, what's wrong with this current plan? im like umm.. nothing, i'm happy with my old plan and i dont want to change. so she starts her sales pitch of "that's what i'm telling you! there's nothing different about this new plan except you get 60 free sms and better rates" but frankly, at this point, i was ready to hang up on her and not change plans for the hell of it. so i listen to her sales pitch again. she must've repeated the thing 3 times before i relented and said thank you, i'll think about it.

what is there to think about? you mean you don't want to change plans now? she demands.

MY GAWD LADY! i froze out of sheer stupefication that she was still harping on the subject. trust me when i say that it took a hella lot of self control from screaming at her over the phone. i wanted to hang up on her but that felt too rude and i kept reminding myself that she's only doing her job.. she's only doing her job...

when i finally managed to wind down the convo, she had the gall to ask me if i wanted her to call me back next week after i thought it over. i was like.. for the last time lady, i already told you that I WILL THINK ABOUT IT AND GO TO A VODAFONE DEALER IF I DECIDE TO CHANGE PLANS. i think that if you were in the room with me at that point, you would've seen me twitching from the frustration.

13 minutes 53 seconds of my life wasted.

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