just one word, that's all i need to say... MacGyver
DUHnanananananaaaa nananaah nananaaananananaaNAnuh!

MacGyverisms... here's a snippet from a webby chock full of them. they have every single episode there... i think ~

Episode Tricks
Disarmed missle with a paperclip
Matches & rope got rifle to shoot itself
Smashed pistol barrel to use as rocket thruster
Kicked grate to test for hidden laser
Lit cigarette with hidden laser
Smoked cigarette to find hidden laser
Used binocular eyepiece to catch laser beam
Aimed laser beam at source to "kill" it
Knotted fire hose to build up water pressure
Used said hose to lift steel beam
Tested heat on door with a stick (it caught fire)
Milk Chocolate candy stops sulphuric acid leak
Used shirt to filter gases
Sodium metal & cold capsule explosive
Flipped lights in morse code

awwwww my hero!
such a blast from the past ~

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