it's soooooooo good to be home!!!!

don't get me wrong... the trip down to canberra was awesome. i'm just tired of sitting...the 3-hour train ride to sydney at 6.20am, mad dash to shop (none of the shops were open at 9.30! hmph) and find the krispy kreme shop in torrential rain, hopping onto the greyhound bus for another butt-numbing 3-hour-15-min ride to canberra with some tone-deaf but very vocally unabashed 4-year old kid who whined out her songs... (yes, i realize this was written by someone who is determined to be a pediatrician... so sue me for being human.)

right now, it's 1 awwwww meeting with MJ @ Canberra Centre, 1 yummy dinner feast with T's family, several doggy barks, licks + kisses, 1 night's worth of good sleep @ T's, 1 trip to the Floriade (definitely more about THAT after my digicam batteries recharge. they konked out on me halfway thru downloading pix... charge! faster dammit faster!), 1 3-hour ride up to Sydney with plenty of stories, 1 more mad dash to
krispy kreme's, several donuts, 1 2-hour ride back to newie and several phone calls later....

i'm pooped but not as pooped as i expected to be...
i think it's them donuts...

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