happy all hallow's eve ~

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carrying on my little yearly tradition of pumpkin etching, be it pumpkins, apples.. and apparently eggplants now... i spent this afternoon thinkin up some faces. pumpkins were pathetic this year. they were way too small, way too flat and were way too little to choose from. shouldn't be complaining tho. at least woolies has some sort of pumpkin this year. i had to make do with apples last year and cut out black construction paper witches' hats for them apple-heads. anyway, here's what my eggplant turned out to look like. 'cuse his grotty teeth. he doesn't have his own toothbrush. hmmmm...what's mr. eggplant up to....

bz terrorizing the tiny pumpkin tots... AHHHHHHHH!

don't scare yourself this halloween *wink*

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we're a clinical cause of blood pressure! according to the BMJ...
A new study has shown that the presence of a medical student can increase blood pressure when measured in general practice.
BMJ 2004;329:998 (30 October)

thanks C for sharing the article with us ~


Meyshia said...

Heya Amy,
Your halloween pumpkins look rad!
I used to go trick or treating, but i'm getting a little too old for that now. No one knocked on my door this year :P

æmii ~ said...

aww thank you ~
hee! ur never too old to trick or treat :D
and guess it's a blessin to not have anyone knock on your door this year.. think of all that money saved on candy..
or if you've bought candy already, think of all that yummiliscious stuff you get to eat :p