flower parade

and here come the pix ~
thanks to the power of paint shop pro and a canon powershot...*drumroll*

had fun cropping and pasting that.. okie, here come the swans. omg they were incredibly cute for some insane reason. swan lake with swan herd (gaggle? flock? what's the collective word for swans?) right behind them. got me so excited i stepped right into a puddle of mud. thought it was poo at first. yes, i've stepped in poo so i noe what that feels like *shudders* anyway, here're the swans... aren't they quaint?

everything was great 'cept we forgot to stop by the floriade shop, vote for the best scarecrow (i saw that pink starfish from spongbob as a scarecrow, forgot to snap a pic tho!) or realize that the various flowerbeds had themes such as "tropical fish" or "stormy weather".. oops. next year.. next year...
speaking of weather.. the skies cleared long enough for us to stroll through and get in and outta the vietnamese restaurant for lunch before deciding to drizzle a bit! here's the proof :)

at the end of the day tho, i was a very happy amy tho many a stranger might've thought me a tad nuts getting up close and personal with the flowers, contorting myself in various positions to get the best shot, randomly squatting so that T could take pix of me (such egomaniac eh, i noe. don't need you to tell me too)....
okie, gotta get some sleep. nitey nite from the floriade...

*snips out pix with tulips*
i wish!!!
now i want my own garden and my jimmy baaaaacck

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