1991: John Hunter Hospital received its first patients
~ Hunter History Highlight
The evening news has been repeating the snippet over and over on various local channels ~ the traffic accident we witnessed yesterday blocked the only road going into the John Hunter, thereby sealing off the only ambulance entrance to the hospital (who was the bright spark that decided to build a hospital with only one road leading in and outta it?! while we're onto blaming people here, who was the genius that implemented paid parking at club med?! grr), the #2 most popular hospital interns signed up to vie for, the fastest/largest regional hospital in the state. Talk about planning skills...

It took them 13 years to decide that something must be done. AFTER a semitrailer effectively plugged up the entrance. but nooooo, that wasn't the hoo-haa. it's ok that private folk aren't able to access the hospital, it's ok if the pregnant lady goes into labor cuz she can't reach the hospital, it's ok that little tommy can't get his tummy looked at and has to throw up in his mommy's car cuz she doesn't drive a big enough car with noisy sirens and flashy lights. the fuss was about how ambulances couldn't reach the emergency dept... but now they're throwing around possible solutions. *proceeds to roll eyes ...all the way to the hospital*

on a lighter note ~

happy bdae dear di! hope you had a blast!

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