the 4400

just finished watching it... the 6-part mini series than ran as a two-part 3-hr shabang over here on the ten network. must admit, it wasn't bad... except for the hype!

with half an hour more to go, i could see it coming. i kept going.. please no, please no... it ended, leaving me neither with awe, nor with horror, or with a new perspective...but with one incredulous reverberating THAT'S IT?!?! c'mon, that's reaally all there is to it?!

what about collier? what did he have up his sleeve? what's with the baby... sure he/she/it's gonna be "special" but in what way besides having gravitational fx on trees... and what about mya? if she's clairovoyant, why couldn't she see her own future? and while we're on this topic, why can't the rest of the clairovoyants, astrologers and such see the future and all pitch in for a nobel peace prize or help greenpeace save the world? why baldwin, of all the people in the world, why was tom the only one responsible for helping the 4400... why was kyle supposed to be the channel used to speak to oh-so-special tom, and not.. .his wife let's say? if the smarter, more evolved people of the future were picking ppl off left right and center w/o anyone noticing, why did they bungle kyle's abduction attempt. couldn't they have waited til he was alone or zapped up BOTH of them since shawn was so keen on being involved? funny how tom and diana seem to be the only field agents in the whole organization and funny how they had time to personally show up at each "event"... how coincidental that they were given just enough time to settle each "event" before the next one happened..

i know it's not fair to whine about it becuase they only had 6 hours to set the scene and unravel the plot.. it IS a mini series after all and it would've gotten boring exploring the daily lives of each of the 4400 returned... but geez!!! we come from the future, we picked these people to save the human race in the future. so what... now that they've figured out how to travel back in time and teleport people in a way, they might as well make the most of it and pick a few more from nearby decades?

so much hype... such great ads on tv... so much like Signs or The Village in terms of the letdown factor.. grrrrr. i feel cheated. admittedly, i probably would've spent those 6 hours eating, sleeping, online and doing very little work but it would've beat sitting in a chair staring at some cathode rays flickering the rainbow at me.

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She said...

aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemiiiiiiiiiiii!! :D good to see you up and blogging again!

æmii ~ said...

ooooooo what a surprise! *continues msg on boon's blog* :D