when 320mb/day becomes too little

woke up this morning with anj's call saying she went over her daily download quota...
it used to be unlimited access. then the uni noticed that internet usage took up too much of their expenses so they implemented a 1G daily quota that wasn't that bad to live with. 3 years later, due to various reasons... lack of funding included i bet (explains why they're pushing for full-fee paying local students for certain courses)... they've snuck in with a 320mb download quota per day. thanks for the advance notice...

well technically, 320mb is still a lot for someone who does the occasional surfing online... but what about those people with auto-refreshing webpages, instant messengers, mirc downloaders and mp3 hogs?! funny how the university encourages people to go online. they've made most student services online, they've converted the basement of the library into a huge computer lab/net cafe (that still has people lining up to use any computer at one of the 15+ workstations with about 5 comps each at any given time), they put up huge powerpoint lectures, make us check for course announcements online blahblahblah. yet they go ahead and cap our internet usage... go figure. and that's only talking about "sanctioned" or "proper" internet use... with the new quota, there goes web-camming (not like it works with anything besides yahoo due to the freakin firewall the uni's put up that blocks most things), movie/mp3 downloads (they silently acknowledge the use of kazaa, bearshare etc by pretending they don't know on-campus residents use it), uploading random whims... and what about those ppl who surf for porn? oooo bet they're complaining..!

on the other hand, 320mb/day aint that bad... not that i have any concept of how many webpage loads, emails, uploads and downloads that consists of but taking your average mp3 to be ~5mbs... my daily quota could get me 60+ songs. hmm, i could live with that it's more of the principle of the matter rather than the actual quota number that's my issue tho. the hypocrisy...we want to help our students. let's go cut corners on resources they use and build useless buildings and speedbumps around campus and purchase extravagantly expensive software that forces us to restructure our whole university heirarchy because oops! we forgot we're not american.
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Anonymous said...

amy! or is it aemii now? this is kim, from way back when you were in charge of psl groups. :) just wanted to say hello.. hope you're doing well (despite australian stupidity). i was there for a bit too so i can feel your pain. take care yeah? :)


æmii ~ said...

lol, tis a pain nobody should be put thru :)
*hug* hi kim! what a pleasant surprise! hope all's been well since we last talked:)

i'm still amy... just like to confuse people with the other spelling :p really tho, i just like the ae bit ~

brandon said...

then you should use the 'æ' character and make it æmii!

æmii ~ said...

that's my msn name!! æmii ...now why didn't i think of that for blogger :D thanks for the heads-up ~