memories from the 90's

was archiving old pictures and came across this one... i would've been in 7th grade, making me 12...wow. that was me 11 years ago. still... that doesn't excuse the "let's hide half her face with hair" fashion...
.. look at those bangs!!! think this was a carry-over of 80's fashion...eeeesh!

*snips pix*

loved my school uniform .. thought it was the prettiest one i've had, ever. guess the rjc uniform would come close as a 2nd runner-up. then again, i've only had 4 uniforms...i think. brownies and girl scouts don't count.. i hated those! the sash.. the furry thingies that went with the green girl scout socks.. eew.

ooh yeah, that's our old home in the san fernando valley.. miss it a lot

2nd ooh yeah ~ it's been the first time since then that my hair's been that long, straight and shiny and went i went for a trim on monday, the hairdresser chopped it all off. now it rests just below my shoulders. all of it. *wails.. then grrrr*

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