let it hail! let it hail! let it hail!

apologies for sounding like an incoherent maniac right now but wow.. i wish there was a little blackbox inplanted in my head that i can open, take out the memory card and upload to share!

the forecast for today: thunderstorms.
went to the gym this morning and it was a tad muggy with overcast skies and stray beams of sunlight streaming through, like that picturesque scene of calm right before a hurricane hits.

day passed uneventfully... til dinner! anj, ting and i went out to hog's breath @ beaumont st. and were thoroughly enjoying ourselves when anj was like "HOLY! is that RAIN?" ...referring to the whoooosh whooooosh coming from outside. oh yeaaaah.. and not just rain mind you. we were about 50m from home after splashing through puddles along the way that sounded like my alloys were grinding against the curb... and there were all these lights blinking as we turned the corner and descended a knoll. uh-oh! that innocent little dip in the road had transformed into a mini roaring rapids that had managed to swallow a poor little white car of some unknown make.. the thing was half submerged and the distraught owner was pacing back and forth with a very confused tow truck on one side of the river while a couple of cars had already started to pile up on the other side. what a sight! we had to u-turn around, i learnt to use my horn this time so the tow truck wouldn't reverse into me and sped off into the misty foggy night. it was so surreal... and twas my first time driving in such conditions. not that i was scared but i was more worried because of the fact that i had 2 other passengers in the car with me.

noticed the hail as we managed to navigate safely through the mishmash of back roads and emerged at the traffic lights. well i think ting noticed it... "heeey... is that ice on the ground?" the same thought whizzed through both our heads - hope there aren't dents in the car panels peeeeease.

meanwhile, anj was having a blast...

anj: snow! wheeeeeee
anj: snow! wheeeeeee
amy: but the poor car! gawd please don't hail!
anj: hail! wheeeeeee
ting: aw i hope my car's ok
anj: hail! wheeeeeeeee
amy: noooooo... the poor car!
anj: hail! wheeeeeeeee
anj: snow! wheeeeeeee
anj: hail! wheeeeeeeee
anj: hail! wheeeeeeeee
amy: i swear i'll slap you if u say that one more time
(don't get the wrong idea.. anj cares plenty about the well-being of my car. blame the adrenalin and the endorphins)

got back home, had a quick squiz at ting's car and it was fine except for a layer of hail on it. promptly forgot about the rain, the thunder and the multi-pronged forks of lightning when we saw the "snow"-covered ground in the parking lot and went snappy happy. walked into dorms and was greeted by people already in the midst of snowball fights and such.
went and grabbed my camera (i knew i should've recharged the batteries today!!)

a very blurry bara tho you can see the hail still falling ~

thought it was cute when stacy commented that we now know for sure that bara rooms are indeed occupied, what a great way to get normally anti-social people to mingle!

here are a few of the results after running around grinning like an idiot with the rest of the people living at bara.

snow! another bara shot ~

ting spotted people making a snowman across the courtyard so we trotted over to get a photo of it before trying a hand at making our own snowman named barry...

weather's calmed down a bit but there's still the occassional rumble or howling to be heard. i've too calmed down from the initial rush and hype. wiped the idiotic grin off my face, camera no longer in hand, stopped saying hi to random strangers and asking them if they were the ones i heard screaming earlier on. no, no alcohol was involved.. ting and anj have gone back to their rooms. all's now normal and well and 'twas [like] the night before Christmas, when all through the house; Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. ZZzzzzzz ~

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