early mooncakes ~ way too early..

had a fairly eventful day ~ not that i'm complaining. morning was great. afternoon was great. evening was great i suppose if i like the paiseh feeling (that means "embarrassed" in hokkien)

morning ~

went to the gym:
could do the arm raising machine thingie.. finally!! killed my calf and got stitches on the treadmill but it felt good. having songs i could wail to in my head helped to keep me running

saw a shark's tale:
that movie gets 2 thumbs up and my right pinky too! can't even start to describe it.. it was incredibly cute right from the scene where they show u it was a dreamworks production and there was a lot of subtle jokes and references throughout the whole show. not to mention that the characters looked exactly like the people who supplied their voices, 'cept in fish form. lino the shark even has a mole like robert di niro...

browsed through the computer fair:
quick once-over. they don't seem to have as many gadgets and accessories as i remember them to have... the guy also took my $3.50 and never gave me back a dollar in change. i assumed entry fees increased til i asked.. AFTER he put the coins in the cash box. slow me. go me.

afternoon ~

shopped at woolies:
hungry = bad time to shop but i managed to implement some self control. only thing i got that wasn't really necessary was that snickers bar that was on sale telling me to eat it.

worked on nugget at home
and whipped up some scrambled eggs ... *slurp*

evening ~

decided to pay a quick visit to the
mooncake festival gathering thingie organized by the singapore students' association (or the ssa for short) maaaaalu-land, here i come! (malu's singlish for paiseh and you should already know what paiseh means or else it means u were just skimming thru the earlier bits of this post... tsk!!) in 2 short hours..

went there with S and J and turns out, we didn't noe anyone there. or at least i didn't. we got to the Cellar, greeted and told we were welcome to join but it'd be nice if we could bring a dish. #1.

we had no idea this was how things worked. didn't say so on the poster and i guess we all didn't read it carefully enough to call up whoever was in charge before trudging up empty handed... sigh. so we went to woolies to grab a couple tubs of ice cream b4 heading back. made ourselves as comfy as one can be at a gathering of people from the same country who all know each other knowing fully well that we weren't singaporeans. wasn't that hard... we settled in to watch a s'porean-produced movie about these 2 siblings who were really poor. was an interesting movie and was nice to pick out familiar faces among the cast. an announcement about the programme for the rest of the night was made in the middle of the movie and that sparked off incidents #2 and #3...

we were supposed to get food at the buffet. then they'd unpause the movie and we'd finish watching it. then a break for announcements etc. then movie #2. then mooncakes. well the whole point of us 3 being there was cuz of the mooncakes (yes, im a glutton. oink.) tho the whole "expand the social circle" thing was a bonus. we didnt wanna stay so long so S was the spokesperson and asked if we could have our mooncakes first, we had to leave early. the poor poor organizers...should've seen the look on their faces.

they scurried off to do some yabbering and gesturing and it was sooo paiseh cuz it's like we imposed ourselves on their hospitality. they finally came back and said they could only afford 1 mooncake to share between the 3 of us. tuff luck for us.. getting any at this point was a bonus. so anyway, we got shooed to go get some dinner and i wasnt hungry. S approached the same dude with very good intentions and asked if they had any vego stuff
#3. noooooo i don't want to turn into this annoying imposing chick that's causing them trouble. argh stop! "nonono, dont listen to her! im not hungry, i just want a drink, really." i spluttered out.

some time passed w/o any incident til someone took out his digicam and started snapping pix. then he took a pic of the three of us girls... individually. is he gonna post our mugshots up on their website so everyone else can be warned about some of our atrocious requests? i thought it'd be oh so smart of me to offer to take his picture as a sort of get-back...

me: ummmm what about i take a picture for u.. u've been taking a pictures of all these people and you've got no shots of yourself...
(as i get drowned out)

him: do you even know my name???
me: huh?! umm.. no. (what the hell does that hafta do with me taking a pix for u?!)
him: what is my name? you don't even know my name and you want to take a picture with me?!
me: *turns pink.* nonononoo omg noooo! i wanted to know if i could take a picture OF you because
u've been taking a pictures of all these people and you've got no shots of yourself...
him: *already pulling up a chair* ok come come.. smile!
me: nonono....
i wanted to know if i could take a picture OF you because u've been taking a pictures of all these people and you've got no shots of yourself...
him: ohh... nevermind, it's ok. come come, take picture. group shot
me: but but...
*say cheeeeeeeese! camera goes click*

and that was #4.
as the movie came to a close, the president announced the prizes for best dish of the nite etc. we had planned to leave after the movie but thought it'd be rude so we decided to stay til they finished the speeches. guess what was planned for right after.... mooncakes! so we DID stay long enough to get mooncakes without needing to ask for them in advance. we said bye pretty fast after that and zoomed out...
#5. 5 oopsies. in one night. ouch.

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